2015, 2016, 2017 – Housing Timeline and Process instructions

Scarborough, Margaret – May 9, 2014

Beginning next week on Monday, the housing process begins.

Monday, May 12  Class of 2015   9:30 AM –  4:00 PM

Tuesday, May 13  Class of 2016  9:30 AM  –  4:00 PM

Wednesday, May 14  Class of 2017  9:30 AM  – 4:00 PM

Within these dates and times, returning students must:

1. fill out a housing form*.  It should be completed when you go to pick your tiles.

2. draw two “lottery” tiles each with Ms. Scarborough in the Deans Office.  Students on restrictions at the time of the draw may choose only one tile.*

3. the lower number of the two tiles will be recorded on the housing form by Ms. Scarborough.

Deerfield’s housing system is not a straight lottery.  It is a hybrid process that weighs both lottery draws and an interest in heterogeneity across halls.