About the Experimentory

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Working hand-in-hand on a Theater + Electronics project team, Sami discovered that she has what it takes to explore a subject she’d never tried before: coding.

Creative People
We look for curious students because our faculty and staff are curious students themselves. Experimentory teachers look to exercise six skills in their work and to cultivate them in their students: Curiosity, creativity, grit & resilience, initiative & independence, effective discussion and teamwork, and disciplined work habits.

A Creative Place
Each student is enrolled in a cluster of three courses, but these courses aren’t taught as isolated topics. By emphasizing their common threads–expression, observation, and understanding, for example–students explore how their cluster subjects inform, complement, and challenge one another. The result is greater insight and new products for each.

The Creative Process
It feels good to be finished–typing The End, bowing at the end of a performance, writing your conclusions on crisp graph paper. But how do you get to that point? And what if our ends are actually the beginnings of a new draft, an encore, or a refined experiment? Learning the creative processes is as important as learning subject matter. At the Experimentory we focus on the iterative process–the way artists, inventors, writers, and scientists understand failure as a lesson and transform their good work into their best.

A Creative Team
No one is an island–especially not in the 21st Century. Traditional classrooms often emphasize individual effort and products, but adults in the professional world work on teams where members with different roles create complex products. We hope our students will learn how diverse people, skills, and ideas can produce cohesive results. Read more about our community!