About the Experimentory

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Working hand-in-hand on a Theater + Electronics project team, Sami discovered that she has what it takes to explore a subject she’d never tried before: coding.

Experimentory = Maximize your Creativity and Character

That is our program motto. What does it mean?

Our full program name is “The Experimentory at Deerfield Academy.” That “at” is more than where we receive our mail. Our teachers, structure, and values are part of Deerfield Academy’s time-tested educational tradition. The Experimentory, therefore, is a chance for students considering Deerfield Academy – or boarding school in general – to get a sample taste before applying.

The Experimentory is an opportunity to try new things – whether it be an architecture class, a squash co-curricular, or a friendship with someone from the other side of the world. But our interdisciplinary edge pushes even familiar subjects into new light. Our goal is that all our students will return home with new and refreshed passions.

Creativity to the Max
The passions students discover at the Experimentory are just fuel. We then teach them how to use the iterative process, learn from failure, and collaborate with others. These are the skills and processes innovators use when they are creative.

Character to the Max
Between the collaborative class projects and summer boarding school life, the Experimentory is a community – students, teachers, and staff who work and live together. Our focus on moral character is a necessity: a community only succeeds and thrives if individuals respect and support one another.