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experimentory_emc2_800x800Experimentory teaching faculty members are smart and curious–just like you! They will guide you through a process of discovery, while allowing you to follow your own unique interests–wherever they may take you. Our residential assistants are essential to the functioning of the program. They live in the dorms, plan activities, assist teachers in the classroom, and have fun alongside our students. The office staff works year-round to provide an exceptional program each summer. They are your go-to resources as you learn about the program, apply, and make your way to campus.

Below you’ll see our 2019 staff team. Check back in the months to come to see who joins us in 2021!

Course: “13.8 Billion Years: Big History”

Conrad Pitcher, Faculty

Mr. Pitcher can’t wait to guide the students this summer in exploring how to know about the world while covering the 13.8 billion years of history from the Big Bang to the 21st century.  During the academic year, Mr. Pitcher teaches history and social science at Deerfield Academy.  In addition to his interest in basketball, shot putting & discus throwing, Mr. Pitcher also has an adventurous side, having once climbed to the top of the Brooklyn Bridge!

Course: “Break a Leg: Performance on the Stage”

Catriona Hynds, Faculty

Ms Hynds was raised in the foothills of the Himalayas.  The backdrop of the mountains growing up surely inspired her love of travel which has led to her living and working in many countries.  As a professionally trained director, Ms. Hynds brings a unique approach to her theater and acting classes.  She encourages students to move out of their comfort zones to maximize their creativity, while having fun at the same time.

Course: “Functional Art: Architectural Sketching and Design”

David Payne, Faculty

David Payne

Mr. Payne’s love of architecture started young: he grew up in a quintessential New England small town full of beautiful 18th and 19th century buildings. In time he not only grew an appreciation of how the function and form of individual features become a building and home, but also how individual buildings together constitute a place and a community. In addition to traditional architectural design classes, he teaches AP 3-D Design. His classes place strong value on practical spaces and architecture as a tactile craft–for example, designing a new Academy dorm and learning to draw plans and build models by hand. And with three active boys at home, he is no stranger to change and adventure.


Course: “The Great American Musical: Musical Theatre”

Peter Hynds, Faculty

Mr. Pete Hynds has worked professionally in the arts for over twenty years and with some of the most prestigious organizations in the country. Mr. Hynds is a member of both the Actor’s Equity Association and the American Guild of Musical Artists. His career includes theater, film, television, industrials and opera. Over the years, Peter has also taught, trained and mentored many young stage managers professionally, at the college level and now for Deerfield Academy.  Outside of the theater, Mr. Hynds is always up for an adventure and trying new things.  He particulars enjoys travel, cooking, hiking, sailing and riding on roller coasters.

Course: “Lab Coat Jerseys: The Science of Sports”

Parker Lawlor, Faculty

Mr. Lawlor is bringing his passion for science and sports to life this summer at the Experimentory.  He is looking forward to showing students how physics, biology, chemistry and kinesiology are all a part of our athletic lives.  Mr. Lawlor hopes that by the end of the program students at the Experimentory will be more comfortable going out and seeking knowledge for themselves instead of passively letting the knowledge come to them.

Course: “Makerspace: Creative Problem Solving”

Megan Hayes-Golding, Faculty

Megan Hayes-Golding (HG) has been making things all her life, which is why she’s excited to join the Experimentory faculty this year to teach Makerspace: Creative Problem Solving. Her favorite tool in the Deerfield maker space is the laser cutter, favorite medium is cardboard, and favorite joining technique is the humble finger joint. HG loves to travel with her wife and daughter, most recently having visited Barcelona. HG uses she/her/hers pronouns.

Course: “Speak for the Trees: Environmental Citizenship” and “Finding Your Voice: Public Speaking”

Marissa Cornelius, Faculty

Ms. Cornelius can’t wait to bring her classroom outside and create learning experiences through fun interactive projects.  Is it any wonder then, that she would eat avocados with every meal, enjoys playing guitar and piano, and has 2 cats name Persimmon and Mango? Ms. Cornelius hopes that by analyzing the important global issue of climate change as real countries, will allow students to bring their unique perspectives to solving problems and create new solutions.

Course: “Your First Drop: Lyric Writing and Video Production”

Jaime Correa, Faculty

Jaime CorreaMr. Correa fell under the spell of the lonely, wandering cowboys on the silver screen at an early age. In time, his interests expanded from the individual stories to how they were told through words and images.  These fascinations led to degrees in Film and Television, and then Film Studies and Cultural Studies. His interest in music and songwriting is more personal passion than formal education. He studies classical guitar in his free time and finds songwriting a new incarnation of his love of poetry. His Experimentory classes are a fusion of all these creative and academic pursuits. He loves cultivating his students’ visual, poetic, and musical literacy.

Summer Residential Assistant

Annabelle Mauri, Summer Residential Teaching Assistant

My name is Annabelle Mauri, and I’m from South Deerfield, Massachusetts. I attend Princeton University in New Jersey, where I hope to become fluent in Spanish and German. This summer, I can’t wait to get to know kids from all around the world and to have tons of fun! I love to play Ultimate Frisbee, hang out with friends, bake (and eat) really yummy desserts, and do arts and crafts. Fun fact: we raise chickens in our backyard, and my little sister and I each have a chicken named after us!

Brigid Stoll, Summer Residential Activities Assistant

More information on Brigid coming soon!

Gabrielle Carpenter, Summer Residential Teaching Assistant

Gabrielle is currently a member of the Castleton University Varsity Women’s Volleyball team!  Prior to college she was an avid basketball player whose team won the AAU national title in San Diego, CA. Gabrielle also enjoys reading, cooking and learning about history.  Her hope for students at the Experimentory is that they will have the opportunity to face challenges with confidence and persevere past any obstacle that comes their way.

Geraud Richards, Summer Residential Activities Assistant

Hello my name is Geraud Richards and I am from Brooklyn, New York, while my parents are both from a Caribbean island called Trinidad and Tobago. I have two brothers, one twin and one older brother. My older brother, Jehryl, looks very much like me as we have the same hairstyle and are the same height, but my fraternal twin, Renaud, looks nothing like me as he is much shorter. My passions are basketball, ultimate Frisbee, and music. I have been playing basketball since I was 8, and one of my favorite past times growing up was to play basketball in the park next to my house in Brooklyn and make friends with the other kids who came there to play basketball. I still carry around my first Nintendo DS I got when I was a kid and I play the old Pokémon fire red game on it. I’ve beat it so many times I’ve lost count.

Ian Gordon, Summer Residential Teaching Assistant

Except for three interesting years living in Mexico (and my school years here at Deerfield Academy), I have lived on a farm in Pembroke, Maine all my life. We’re not big, but we’ve raised lots of different types of animals: pigs, geese, chickens, turkeys, and even a horse. Biking and running are two things that I love to do in my free time. It’s a great excuse to get outside, explore, and stay active. My most interesting hobby, however, is puzzles like Rubik’s cubes. I started my sophomore year of high school, and now I have an abundant collection of colorful and oddly-shaped puzzles. I am also a bit of a “handy-man” who enjoys fixing and building things for people.

Jackson Pitcher, Summer Residential Teaching Assistant

More information on Jackson coming soon!

Jada Howard, Summer Residential Activities Assistant


Hi, my name is Jada Howard! Growing up I could usually be found outside either playing kickball in my backyard with my cousins until sunset or riding my bike with my dad around different parts of town. I enjoy playing field hockey and basketball. I am a dancer and love to have spontaneous dance parties. I also enjoy going on adventures such as hiking to the Rock or walking around on the lower fields near the River.  I wanted to be the Yellow Power ranger for most of my life and I dressed up as it for Halloween for three years straight!

Katie Parker, Summer Residential Activities Assistant

Katie is used to spending summer days outside swimming, paddle boarding and running around on the beach.  She is looking forward to being outside this summer in a different setting, enjoying the Deerfield campus.  She enjoys playing squash, and if the rain keeps her indoors, reading, watching movies and playing board games and card games.  And, just in case you were wondering, her favorite animal is the cow!

Martha Garbarini, Summer Residential Teaching Assistant

Martha, called Marty by her friends, hopes that this summer will help students realize that learning and fun can go hand in hand.  She hopes to learn not only from teachers and staff, but also from the students.  Martha enjoys everything from signing, to hiking, to debating her favorite issues of women’s rights, gender equality and immigration law and hopes to be a lawyer.  Martha is very comfortable in the wilderness, hiking and camping, having summited Vermont’s tallest mountain, Mt. Mansfield and she hopes to one day see the Northern Lights in person.

Osceola Heard, Summer Residential Activities Assistant

My name is Osceola Heard, but all my friends call me Ossie. I’m from Vailsburg, NJ and I am going to major in Biochemistry at Bates College as a member of the class of 2022. This summer, I am looking forward to spending time with family and friends and being a part of the Experimentory! I love to dance, dive, and eat ice cream. I enjoy naps, cloud watching, and good game of Spike ball. Math and Science are my favorite subjects, but I’m always ready to snuggle down with a good book. I love Roald Dahl and my favorite book is The Life of Pi, but my favorite genre is Sci-Fi. I’m a huge fan of capture the flag, dodge-ball, and Monopoly because I love making strategies. Jam sessions are one of the best ways to have fun with friends along with taking a swim in the river, see you all soon!

Ricardo Gonzalez, Summer Residential Teaching Assistant

More information on Ricardo coming soon!

Shawn Simmons, Summer Residential Media Assistant

Shawn can’t wait to spend the summer surrounded by trees and green grass!  When not in school, Shawn lives in New York City, which is definitely a different environment from Deerfield, MA.  His best memories of the summer were being able to explore areas of interest that he didn’t have time to during the academic school year, and being pushed outside of his comfort zone.  You will definitely see him riding his bike around campus, and will likely find him helping with musical theater and playing with his new puppy.  Shawn also speaks German, and he says, “talk to me wenn du Deutsch lernen willst!”

Stephanie Oyolu, Summer Residential Teaching Assistant

I was born and raised in Houston, Texas. Since Houston is known for being the most diverse city in the US, I hope to be prepared for a summer with middle school students from all over the country and world! I like pretty much all styles of music (pop, R&B, bluegrass, heavy metal, etc.) and hope to discover some new music with your help. I really enjoy dancing, yoga, and babysitting. This June, just before the Experimentory begins, I’ll be in Fort Lauderdale coaching students at the National Forensics League speech and debate national tournament. Finally, this fall I’ll be a sophomore at Occidental College.

Young Hur, Summer Residential Activities Assistant

I’m a Long Islander from Stony Brook, NY. Over a typical summer I enjoy lifeguarding and being home with friends and family. This summer I’m happy to add the Experimentory to that list! I love sports and the outdoors, and I am a huge fan of backyard games, such as Spikeball and Kan-Jam. I hope you’re ready for some fun in the quad! I also enjoy playing PS4, listening to music, and generally hanging out with friends. I currently attend the Carroll School of Management at Boston College, with a potential major in Accounting or Data Analytics.

Experimentory Staff

Ben Grimm, Media Manager

Mr. Grimm is looking forward to his summer with The Experimentory.  In particular, he looks forward to meeting new people and spending time outside during the beautiful summer at Deerfield.  When he is not working for The Experimentory or teaching Philosophy and Religion classes at Deerfield Academy, Mr. Grimm enjoys musical theater, dance and vegan baking.  If you think that you’ve seen his picture before, that is because Mr. Grimm was on the cover of a magazine in Sweden!

Amy Lareau, Head of Community Life

Ms. Amy Lareau is an active skiier, tennis player and swimmer who also enjoys singing and taking walks with her dog.  She also has a passion for creating and sharing new recipes for plant-based foods such as her non-dairy “nice” cream! You may just find her offering samples of smoothies or mac n’ cashew-cheese around campus! Ms. Lareau’s biggest hope for all of the students attending the Experimentory is that they learn the value and joys of truly challenging themselves and gain skills to collaborate through differences with a group of diverse and motivated peers.

Erin Hutchinson, Head of Residential Life

Mrs. Erin Hutchinson, not to be confused with her identical twin sister, is excited to meet students from all over the world and learn about their passions, dreams, and what makes each of them unique.  She believes that everyone should learn how to appreciate and celebrate the talents and accomplishments of others in order to create a supportive and collaborative community. When Mrs. Hutchinson isn’t working in Deerfield’s College Advising office, she enjoys quilting, knitting and reading mysteries.  You may even see her ride by on a motorcycle.

Scott Brown, Head of Residential Life

This is Mr. Scott Brown’s first year with the Experimentory.  He looks forward to watching the students discover the different styles of leadership that exist and how they can be leaders in their communities without be the visual vocal one.  Mr. Brown enjoys music (he plays 6 instruments), playing board games with his children, hiking and camping.  In addition to his 3 children, he also has 3 furry 4-legged kids!

Gen Pitt, Director of the Experimentory

After serving as the Director of Community Life at Exp18 and the Assistant Director at Exp19, Ms. Pitt is ready and excited to serve our students and families as the full Director this summer. In addition to her experience at the Experimentory, her work is informed by her experiences at the Taft Summer Program (teaching French, ESL, study skills, current events) and with the Green Key Orientation program here at DA. Ms. Pitt has a wonderful three-year old daughter. Charlotte inspires her to see the world through new eyes and explore places like the Boston Children’s Museum and the Eric Carle Museum.

Christine O’Neil, Staff Nurse

Christine O'NeilMrs. O’Neil has been a staff nurse at Deerfield Academy since 2007 where, among other things, she manages the Travel Medicine Clinic.  She lives in Deerfield with her husband and 3 children.  In her spare time she enjoys running.

Caryn Gardner, Assistant Director of Nursing

Caryn GardnerMrs. Gardner is the Assistant Director of Nursing at Deerfield Academy where she has worked for 14 years. She lives in Deerfield with her husband, two children and two dogs. She can be found frequently walking her dogs around the fields and by the river. When not working at the school, she can be found attending sporting and other activities of her kids.