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We are currently accepting applications for Experimentory 2017. The above link takes you to our application website where you can create an account. We look forward to getting to know you through your application soon!

All Students

Here are a few things that you can prepare ahead of time before you apply:

The application requires two recommendations: an English teacher recommendation and a math or science teacher recommendation. Applicants should:

  • Contact these teachers beforehand
  • Explain that once a student submits an application, references will receive an email from our application website with a link to their recommendation forms
  • Obtain the teachers’ name and email address to fill in on the application

We will also contact our applicants’ schools for a school report on academics. Applicants should:

  • Obtain the name and email address of the person at their school who can provide this information

Financial Aid

The Experimentory offers a limited amount of financial assistance for domestic students. Financial aid is based on need and is applied for along with the program application. We are not able to provide financial aid to cover the cost of the entire program.

All students applying for financial aid must apply for both the program and financial aid by March 10, 2017 to be considered. Financial aid applicants will be notified of their admissions decision and financial aid decision together via email by March 24, 2017.

For more information on how to apply for financial aid, please refer to this letter from our Director of Financial Aid.

To apply for Financial Aid, please visit in addition to completing an Experimentory application.

International Students

If you are currently attending school outside of the United States or Canada (this is not based on citizenship), you will complete our International Application. It is identical to our Domestic Application with one exception: Since our courses are not designed to accommodate beginning learners of English, international students must confirm English speaking and writing proficiency. To prepare for this, international students should:

  • Create a PDF of a graded school essay in English to demonstrate English proficiency. The PDF must be a scanned copy that shows the teacher’s marks.
  • Note that in some cases we may also require an applicant Skype interview.

Amethyst discovered the satisfaction of seeing rough ideas mix and develop into a final product during her Music + Film course cluster. The result was even better than she imagined, and she became a better communicator along the way.