Term-End Experience

Deerfield Academy Term-End Experience


At Deerfield Academy, the term-end experience is a week of extended class meetings at the end of every term. The extended blocks allow for teachers to end the term in an appropriate manner for the course. Students may engage in presentations, traditional sit-down tests or exams, extended labs, oral exams, graded discussions, or other experiences as selected by the teacher. Teachers will provide students with a written description of their term-end experience at the beginning of every term.

Term-end Week Sample Schedule

During fall and winter, the term-end experience begins on the last Monday of the term and during spring, begins on the last Tuesday. Every term ends after the last period on the final Friday. A sample of the term end week can be reviewed below. Please note that the order of periods will change each term.

2019-2020 Term-end Schedule

Fall Term

Winter Term

Spring Term (No term-end experience for Spring Term 2020. Please contact your teacher.)

Penultimate Week

The experience planned for term-end week will impact student work load during the penultimate week. Teachers may assign two intermediate assignments—one per week—or a minor assignment during the penultimate week and a major assignment during the term-end week. No assignments may be due or tests-given on the Friday of the penultimate week. No extensions (beyond medically necessary) may be given that extend to or beyond the Friday of the penultimate week. 


Students must adhere to the published term-end schedule. The Academic Dean’s Office will accommodate conflicts for illnesses, medical issues, or emergencies as determined by the Health Center and Student Life Office. Requests for changes to the term-end schedule for personal convenience will not be approved. All term-end travel arrangements must be made to align with the completion of each term: after Friday at noon.


All questions regarding the term-end experience should be directed to the Academic Dean’s Office, academics@deerfield.edu or 413-774-1470.