2022 Is happening and in-person!

The KIPP STEP Summer Program at Deerfield provides a unique opportunity for selected seventh graders from local middle schools and from dozens of KIPP middle schools around the nation to experience the academic rigor and lifestyle of a top boarding school. The program’s emphasis on science and ELA will develop students’ skills in research, writing, presentation, discussion, studying, time management, and critical thinking–skills necessary to find success in the most challenging academic environments. The program also aims to spark a passion for science in students through courses in Biology and Adventures in the Anthropocene.

Participants will benefit from the low student to teacher ratio, small class size, and intimate nature of the three-week residential program. The KIPP STEP Summer Program is intentionally designed for academically strong, intellectually curious students who exhibit character, personal responsibility, independence, leadership, teamwork, and a strong and sincere interest in attending a boarding school.

In partnership, KIPP and Deerfield Academy teachers design the curriculum and deliver instruction during the program. Students will engage in four 70-minute academic periods per day with additional time devoted to independent study, advisor meetings, sports, the arts, field trips and fun. Saturday morning classes will be held. Living on the Deerfield Academy campus in dormitories with adult supervision, student will experience the structured independence associated with boarding school life.


  1. Caitlyn Welch

    Experimentory Program Coordinator
    Experimentory Summer Program, DASAC - Summer Arts Program, KIPP/STEP, Summer Programs Office