Workshop Proposals for Martin Luther King Jr Day

The Office of Inclusion and Community Life is excited to announce that Deerfield Academy will celebrate this year’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Thursday, January 19, 2023, with a program exploring Dignity.

An essential component of MLK Day is when our campus unites to deepen our knowledge, understanding, and cultural competency through a range of community workshops designed, facilitated, and led by students, faculty, staff and/or invited guests.

In addition to addressing this year’s theme, we welcome workshops related to current issues, events, or the Academy’s core values. Community workshops will be scheduled to run for 60 minutes. Please note that student-run workshops require an adult co-facilitator.

If you are interested in creating and facilitating a community workshop, please submit a proposal. Your proposal should include a description of your topic, a key issue or question that your workshop will explore, and a general outline of your workshop’s structure and methodology (e.g. slide show presentation, small group discussions, artistic expression or creation, etc.). We highly encourage workshops that are interactive and/or experiential in nature.