January 6 and Disqualification – DA OPENeD Survey​


DA OPENeD, or Deerfield Academy Opportunities for Political ENgagement and Discourse, is conducting a single-question survey for the Deerfield community regarding last Wednesday’s events: Should President Donald Trump be barred from running for future public office? In the wake of the Capitol Riot last Wednesday, the country has its gaze trained on Washington once more. In the coming days and weeks, the actions of Congress will dramatically shape the future of the United States and set governmental precedents. The question of whether Trump should be disqualified from running again in the future could easily alter the future of American politics.

DA OPENeD is a new, non-partisan club on campus committed to facilitating truly open discussion and hearing and understanding ALL perspectives, through promoting respectful and objective political discourse. The results of the anonymous survey will be shared with the community in the coming days so please respond by Thursday, January 14. Additionally, look out for a future email with details about an open forum where students can gather to discuss the differing opinions on the question of whether or not President Trump should be barred from holding a future public office!

Here is the link to the survey– please note that all answers will be collected – and presented – anonymously. Please feel free to email us if you run into any issues with accessing the survey or have questions about DA OPENeD!

P.S. Don’t know WHAT you think about the survey question? Look out for an email detailing the coming discussion for some online resources to refine your opinion!

Ella Foulkes and Jerry Zhou
Leaders of DA OpenED