Student News

Widdies 2020!

Timothy Trelease – May 15, 2020

The 2020 videography showcase will feature 25 short videos on Friday night, May 15, from 8:30 – 9:30 PM. The program is centered around short comedy sketches, in the style of SNL; however, there are a variety of genres represented. Tune in to see students, faculty, and staff featured during this entertaining hour of fun! Filmmakers and actors include: Izzy Hamlen, Beck Ayres, Wyatt Browne, Tynan Creagh, Teddy Danziger, Hanna Deringer, Addie Laurencelle, Connor Printz, Jackson Rother, Whitney Vogt, Logan Armes, Donnie Gray, Kelly Lahart, Liv Mikesell, Henry Renelus, Seth Thayumanavan, Chijioke Achebe, Yusef Mukhtar, Keith Davenport, Marcel Aziamale, Tysean Price, Tim O’Brien, Jarod Harrington, Henry Renelus, Nick Fluty, Tommy Gilmore, Merritt Wurts, Kade Goldberg, Tyler Mudd, Will Holland, Ellia Chiang, Ashley Stewart, Sam Laur, Peter Sanford, Annabel Gerber, and Charlie Lewis, with guest appearances by Dan and Kellie Houston, Drew Philie, and Norm!