Student News

Avast ye Scurvy Dogs!

Sandra Yager – February 19, 2020

To celebrate the winter theater production of the children’s musical, How I Became a Pirate, (and just for fun!) we’re turning Hitchcock House into a Pirate’s Den this Friday and Saturday!

Stop by with your little pirates before or after the show to check out our pirate loot. We’ll have booty for the little buccaneers if they can talk like a pirate or sing us a sea chanty…or just look the part (even if it’s just a piratey scowl!). And while we’ll be hangin’ the Jolly Roger from the yardarm, we promise not to make them walk the plank (but you know what they say about a pirate’s promise…)

Hitchcock is open Friday 8-4:30 and Saturday 10:30-3:00.