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*REQUIRED FOR ALL 9th, 10th, and 11th GRADE STUDENTS: Yearbook Portrait Assignments*

Amy Lareau – January 22, 2020

PORTRAIT SESSION 2 – Thursday Jan 23 during fac break.
Although you are not currently required to be in class dress, we recommend that, in deciding what to wear to your portrait, you consider that your parents may wish to buy this photo and that it will be printed in your 2020 yearbook. By alphabetical order, you have been assigned to a portrait date, time, and location as follows:

Last names starting with L through R: 11:00 am January 23 in Dining Hall Lobby
Last names starting with S through Z: 11:30 am January 23 in Dining Hall Lobby

For anyone with last names A-K who didn’t make it last week, please feel free to join us tomorrow. Attendance will be taken and is required. Failure to show for your assigned portrait time will result in APs. Questions? Conflicts? Email Ms. Lareau!
Thank you!