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Building Medical Drones in Nepal – More Carbon Fiber Filing!

Jae Hyuk Song – September 3, 2019

Arriving at NIC in the morning, we saw a few researchers testing the fixed-wing UAVs. Because they didn’t have any flat land to work on, they stood on top of a hill and launched the airplane by holding onto the bottom of the plane and throwing it like a baseball. I wanted to join them, but there was work to be done today, so I only watched for a short moment.

Today’s work was identical to yesterday’s. I was to make four of the drone plates, and since I had only made one yesterday, I had to make three more. The carbon fiber itch had become more severe than yesterday, so I bought a pair of working glove on the way and wore a thin long-sleeve jacket that I had brought.

The fans had to be turned off because we didn’t want to inhale the carbon fiber powder more than we already were, so the still air was suffocating. I could feel sweat pouring down my back as I worked, but luckily, one of the workers had a handheld fan that he offered to lend, so I gratefully accepted. Dr. Pun came to check on my progress while I was filing, and he encouraged me, telling me that I was doing incredibly well in the hot weather.

After another three hours of filing, I was done with my second plate. The first and second plate fit perfectly with each other, although both plates were the “top” plate on the drone. I still had two plates to file, both the “bottom” plates.

However, my work was cut short that day due to some visitors at NIC. A Tibetan innovation group similar to NIC was visiting that day to explore the work NIC was doing, as well as to show what they were doing. As a result, Dr. Pun showed a PowerPoint of all the work he had done so far, as well as some advice. Here is a summary:

РSocial works and community developments are needed to make the communities better and people’s life easier, but it is not enough for making a poor country like Nepal economically prosperous nation. We need to do more.

– Nepal never had and still does not have culture of innovation

– To use the most precious and innovative human resources for the economic development of Nepal
– To provide opportunities for creative and talented people in Nepal to use their creativity and become entrepreneurs
– To uplift Nepal from the list of the least developed country to a developed country through innovation

1. Provide full financial support and mentoring for accelerating prototype design
2. Provide full financial support and mentoring for product development
3. Provide full support for getting patent right, trade mark, intellectual property right, etc.
4. Provide support for connecting them to investors so that they can launch innovative products and services.

Create a fully sustainable innovation center within 10 years.