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Arts for the Elderly Follow Up – CSGC Grant

Sean Kim – September 2, 2019

Today marked my last visit to volunteer this summer. Today, we worked on painting and drawing, skills that none of the residents were particularly comfortable with. However, everyone was willing to try, capturing the essence of our mission—to bring people in our community out of their comfort zones and allow them to discover new passions.

For people who live in places like retirement homes or hospitals, where we predominantly operate, there is not much variety in life, nothing to get excited about. To combat this, they try and fill their schedules with different fun activities, but even those get—pardon the pun—old quickly. This creates the need for services like ours, which brings activities beyond what the home or hospital would be able to offer on its own. But even after having being told this by numerous managers and knowing it as a fact, it had never quite hit me just how much of an impact we were having before today, my last day. Walking down the halls of the retirement home and seeing, for the first time, pictures of us on people’s front doors, right alongside family photos and portraits, really affected me deeply.

I would like to thank the CSGC and the Workman family for making this all possible, and my volunteers for keeping the program going in my absence. The money went towards art and music supplies used during instruction.

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