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CSGC Grant – Friendship in Haiti

Madeline Sofer – August 14, 2019

Arriving to the worksite on the initial day of building, I could never have imagined the kinds of connections I would be making throughout the construction process of a house. On the first day, we began by nailing wooden planks together to create a sturdy frame. A small girl from the neighborhood appeared by my side and explained that her name was Elizabeth. She picked up my hammer while giggling and teased me by mimicking my hammering motions. Elizabeth and I bonded throughout the rest of the week and I looked forward to seeing her each day, but Elizabeth was just one of the many people that greatly impacted my life during my time in Haiti.

Throughout the rest of the week, I made so many other meaningful connections with the people that lived around the worksite as well as the Haitian professionals who guided us in construction. Each day, there would be about a dozen children around the house, helping us carry supplies, playing games with us, or simply observing the process. They appeared every day without fail and were always eager to lend a hand. I got the opportunity to speak to many of them and even become friends with a few. I was so inspired by their desire for their neighbors to have a safe place to live and willingness to support us in any way that they could.

The friendships I formed are one of the reasons that my time in Haiti impacted me in such a special way. I am so grateful to have had this opportunity to change the lives of a family in need and also to the CSGC as well as the Workman family for supporting my trip.