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CSGC Grant – Building a house in Haiti

Madeline Sofer – August 5, 2019

This summer, I traveled to Grand Goâve, Haiti and aided in the building a house for a family in need. Deerfield and the Workman family generously supported my endeavors, providing me with the funds necessary to purchase building supplies for the house. Upon arrival in Haiti, I was astounded by the living conditions that these people endure daily. Driving through Port-au-Prince, the nation’s capital, one notices the mounds of garbage lining the sides of the road and the poverty surrounding them. The streets in the community of Grand Goâve we’re no different. Traveling to the worksite each day, the van would pass by hundreds of houses that appeared as though they may collapse momentarily. In the wake of the 2010 earthquake, a major percentage of the population was rendered homeless and was forced to rebuild their former homes using any accessible materials. Most only had tarps, sheets of aluminum, and rubble from their previous dwelling. I am so fortunate to have been able to help one of these families relocate to a secure and durable home.

The family that the home was built for consisted of a mother and her nine children, most of whom were residing in their uncle’s cramped house. As we set out to work on the foundation and base of the house, it was extremely motivating to see how the community came together to further our progress and support their neighbors who were receiving a new house. I departed the worksite each day excited to return and resume constructing. I would love to visit Haiti again to reconnect with the family that I received the opportunity to befriend and also to assemble additional homes for the many families in need of a safe and stable living situation.