Student News

Camp Barnes — CSGC Grant

Alissa Zhang – August 5, 2019

This coming weekend, I will be heading to Camp Barnes, a campground in Delaware, to be a camp counselor in Special Olympics Delaware’s (SODE) annual sleep-away summer camp for Special Olympic athletes. Volunteering at this camp is always something I look forward to each summer. I love seeing the joy and fun it brings to the athletes and volunteers like myself. For me and the other volunteers, it is always such an eye opening, beautiful experience to be a part of, and for the athletes, it is always place where they can try a plethora of different entertaining activities while reuniting with their fellow friends and athletes. Every year, the camp shows me how the strong and close-knit the SODE community is, and how great of a community it is to be in.

The camp is three days long; it goes from Saturday morning to Monday morning, and the athletes do many things, from canoeing, making tie-dye shirts, to learning archery. Camp Barnes is the optimal place for this camp, as it has a calm creek, a basketball court, grassy fields, and much more.

With the CSGC grant I received, I was able to cover most of the items that needed to be purchased for the camp, ranging from leis for the Hawaii themed dance party held the night before the camp ends, to some of the things needed for the “Camp Olympics” we hold on the first day of the camp.

I am very excited for what will be my third year volunteering at this camp. I would like to thank the Workman family and the CSGC for giving me this wonderful opportunity to actively help an organization that means so much to me.