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Students: Join the Gender & Consent Working Group!

Anna Gonzales – May 6, 2019

The Gender and Consent Working group, which is the group responsible for bringing Speak About It to campus, also collaborates with the Student Life Office on a variety of programming related to gender and consent. We’ll be continuing and expanding this work next year, beginning with the boys’, girls’, and all-gender meetings that happen at the start of the year. We would love to get students involved in the planning process who are interested in learning and thinking more about these issues and in making those meetings and other programming really productive so that we generally have a safer, healthier, and more openly conversant campus. If that sounds like something you care about, please shoot email me (Ms. Gonzales) or Ms. Melvoin an email as soon as you can! I think this is an amazing, exciting leadership opportunity for students and a chance to really make a difference on our campus. Thanks and always feel free to reach out if you have any questions.