Student News

Gotcha Rules

Jada Howard – April 12, 2019

1. To get someone out, you must say Gotcha to your target.
2. In order for the get to count, you must email Jada Howard or Jack O’Neil
3. Dorms are off-limits.
4. Sunday is an off-day.
5. If someone hears you say “gotcha” to your target, it does not count.
6. Crow Commons is fair game
7. Health center is off-limits
8. You can not get someone out during practice.
9. Bathrooms and Locker rooms are not fair game.
10. “Sit down meals” entails from the time people first wait until they exit the dining hall lobby to go to class, and you may not get someone during sit downs.
11. You are safe if you are in a classroom at any time from the beginning to the end of a school day.
12. If you are unsure if you are out, do not give the person your target until you have settled the dispute with Jada Howard or Jack O’Neil.
13. If you don’t get one person out a week, you are out.
14. New targets are sent out every week.​

Thank you and good luck.