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Earth Week Keynote from Harvard Law School: Dr. Matt Hayek to address climate science at Deerfield

Amy Lareau – April 23, 2019

On Tuesday at 6:45 PM, following sit-down, at the Kendall Small Auditorium Dr. Matthew Hayek will be speaking. In his talk, Dr. Hayek will help make sense of the confusing world of food sustainability. He will help separate fact from fiction, and share the biggest contributions that each person can make towards lowering the environmental impact of their diet. He will also discuss some of the cutting-edge research in his field of climate change mitigation.

Dr. Matthew Hayek is a science and policy researcher in climate change and food systems at Harvard. He received his PhD in environmental engineering, focusing on how ecosystems and the atmosphere exchange greenhouse gases. This fall, he will join the faculty of New York University as an Assistant Professor in Environmental Studies. His current research focuses on reducing greenhouse gases from agriculture.