Student News

The Bahamas #2: A Delayed Departure

Paulina Baltazar – March 11, 2019

Kate Hickey ’20 describes the groups departure while looking forward to warmer weather and a week full of activities.

To start our trip off we had an early morning wake up- 5:00 am departure from the MSB (Main School Building). All of us got on the bus with anticipation as we rode to Boston Logan Airport. Our first flight of the day was delayed due to the snow in Mass. The airport attendants even had to deice the plane before take-off. Finally, we are in route to Nassau for our connecting flight to Eleuthera. We will obviously arrive later to the island than expected, but everyone is still very excited to get there, especially after all the waiting.

This week’s itinerary is full of super cool things we are all looking forward to. From snorkeling to cliff jumps to turtle research. Erin has promised to make me do the cliff jump and make sure I don’t chicken out. Francis said he would give me a helpful push too.

Our travel day will soon come to an end which I think everyone is excited for. Soon we will be in 80-degree weather instead of 35-degree weather. You shall hear from us again soon.