Student News

Spain #7: School Exchange In Simancas

Paulina Baltazar – March 15, 2019

Morgan Moriarty ’22 describes an “exciting day” at Colegio Juan XXVIII in Simancas.

Our last morning in Simancas concluded with a delicious breakfast in our inn. Rolling out our suitcases through the streets of Simancas, we hopped on the bus and headed out for an exciting day at the Colegio Juan XXIII. The students at this school, from grades K through 10, were extremely welcoming and ecstatic to learn about Deerfield Academy. After small introductions on the steps of the school, we each sang one of our school’s songs, which for us was the Deerfield Cheering Song.

Next, we went into their auditorium for an all school meeting and got a deeper understanding of their school through videos and student presentations. After showing our video in return, Quinn and Nick danced to Michael Jackson’s “Earth Song” to present one example of the arts at Deerfield. It was incredible! On a similar note, Matt free styled (hip-hop/rap) and the students loved it. The meeting finished and we headed outside for a recess. The kids made made us feel like celebrities and invited us to sign not only their arms, but also their foreheads! We broke into small groups and visited different grades to tell them about our school. We then ate a lunch full of a variety of different foods and played games with the 10th graders. To finish off a great day at Colegio Juan XXIII, we expressed gratitude with an exchange of gifts and kind words.

Not only did we have a bite to eat at the school, but we also made a short drive to a butcher shop. The traditional Spanish shop gave us a small town feeling after spending most of the morning in the larger city of Valladolid. We tasted different meats, cheeses and even had a blind tasting!

Soon after, we headed towards Avila, and stopped en route in Segovia to look at the massive Roman aqueduct. After taking some photos we made a quick pit stop at a frozen yogurt place. Yum! With Mr. Flaska as the host, we played a game of Family Feud on the ride to Avila which was very fun and competitive. We ended the night with a meal at Larepera in Avila and headed back to the hotel for a good night’s sleep, excited for the next day.