Student News

Panama #4: The Continental Divide

Paulina Baltazar – March 15, 2019

Kristine Yang ’21, Elsa Marrian ’21, and Daniel Kang ’21 share the groups exciting last day at the Mamoni preserve. 

After a long day of water sampling and hiking through serene jungle along the Continental Divide, it was time to cool off and take a dip in the confluence of the Mamoni and San Jose rivers. While venturing through the meandering river, we spotted a trapped sloth, desperately hanging inches above the water. Its lack of movement and algae-covered coat misled us to assume it was dead. Moments before we turned away, one languid movement surprised us. Eager saviors of the Mamoni Reserve team jumped into action and heroically relocated the sloth into a safe habitat, away from barren rocks. We could not tear our eyes away from the once in a lifetime spectacle.

Under the equatorial sky, two raging rivers meet as one.
Rays of golden sunshine warm its rushing streams.
Nine ecstatic students plunge in for fun.
The scene, unable to be created in their dreams,
Blessed their eyes and winter-deprived lack of sun.
They enjoyed the sun, but no majestic sight could outshine the DA dream team!

We will forever treasure our Mamoni experience in our hearts as we spend our last night in the jungle, before heading back to Panama City tomorrow.