Student News

Panama #1: A Great First Day!

Paulina Baltazar – March 12, 2019

Elsa Marrian ’21, Kristine Yang ’21, and Daniel Kang ’21 describe the groups “journey to the Mamoni Reserve,” where they will spend the next couple of days hiking and working on a water research project.

After a well-needed and nourishing sleep in Panama City, we gathered on the terrace of the hotel. As we ate breakfast, we watched school kids congregate like a colony of ants for their first day of school. Two vans and a pickup truck, ready to take us on a three-hour journey to the Mamoni Reserve, awaited us at the steps of our hotel. We watched in awe as the bustle of the urban city turned into a tropical rain forest. The fresh, lush oxygen of the deep jungle embraced us as we awakened from our bumpy journey.

Deep in the never-ending sea of trees,
Nine curious students soaked in the tropical paradise.
Far from home, we settled quickly with ease
Filling our stomachs with delicious rice.
Under the canopy of bamboo and leaves,
Each explorer found themselves enticed
By the comfort of a tent in the sweet breeze,
Before taking steps to meet the team and break the ice.

As the afternoon settled in, we received our first challenge. In two teams, we built boats with bamboo and rope. Through collaboration, both teams prevailed in successfully crossing the beautiful natural pool.

Excited to have escaped the bitter New England winter, we are ready to embark on our awaiting adventures. Tomorrow, we will be hiking through the majestic jungle and beginning our water research project!