Student News

Students: Looking for Your Sit-down Table Roster?

Kimberly Butz – January 24, 2019

Last month, your table assignment posting moved from a publicly-available list on “The Bulletin” to your DAinfo page. This was done to improve data security. But, ITS has heard from students who were missing the ability to see who else is at their table. Good news … Table Rosters have now been added to DAinfo!

To access your Table Roster, log into DAinfo and pull up your detail page using the “My Info” link. You will see that your table listing, which appears below your phone number, is now a hyper-link. Clicking this link will take you to a photo roster of your table-mates and faculty table heads.

(Faculty: please note that you can also view table rosters. For faculty, these appear on DAinfo under the “Quick Rosters” menu.)