Student News

Women in Ethiopia

Adebisi Akilo – November 12, 2018

Ethiopia is a beautiful country in the horn of Africa. It is a blend of cultures, languages, and faiths. However, like for most countries in the world, misogyny is embedded into the fabric of the society. Women like Aberash Bekele know just how dangerous this misogyny can be. In 1996, when Bekele was in the 5th grade she was kidnapped and assaulted by an adult man as part of a tradition known as abduction for marriage, or telefa, where men kidnap and often sexually abuse girls as a way to validate their proposal. Bekele escaped her rapist and kidnapper by taking his life in self defense. She was charged with murder punishable by death however with the help of her lawyer Meaza Ashenafi she fought those charges and the tradition of telefa was made a taboo in Ethiopia. Because of the grit Meaza Ashenafi and Aberash Bekele possessed, Zewde can be proud to stand on the shoulders of their legacies.