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Sign up for the Winter Play before Exams!

Lori Clark – November 14, 2018

On the Bulletin Board you’ll find the necessary components of your audition. The sign-up sheet is awaiting your name! Inside the folder, that is attached to the Bulletin Board, you’ll find the sonnet you will memorize for the audition. Everyone is learning the same one because we will be using it in the show as a full ensemble performance moment! Just memorize a line, or two, a day as you go about your business and you will be ready to audition with no stress.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What kind of play is the winter production?

The winter play is a surrealist romp through Shakespeare’s sonnets. We will be acting sonnets, honestly, within a world that is designed to be beautiful, captivating and more imaginative than the naturalism of someone’s living room. That’s to say that our environment will invoke a playground of dreams.

What’s the theme/genre?

Devised physical theater with a bit of immersive pre-show. Shakespeare’s Sonnets serve as our text base. No experience in this style required.

How much of a time commitment will it be?

The individual sonnet monologues will be rehearsed in small groups so that rehearsal can be staggered to allow more time for your other commitments. As we assemble the small group sections, more rehearsal time will be necessary. Think one afternoon a week for full ensemble work, another afternoon for your small group’s work, a third afternoon for review of established sections. It will continue to evolve from there.

So, pick a time, grab your sonnet and we look forward to seeing you soon!