Student News

CSGC Summer 2018 Service Grant Symposium

Jan Flaska – October 26, 2018

Come learn about the great work done by Deerfield Academy students throughout the world in the summer of 2018. 6 to 7:30 p.m. in the CSGC on Monday, October 29 (come anytime during those hours)

Students and Project Titles

Inthat Boonpongmanee: Finding Purpose
Saadhya Bahudodda: The Stories Behind the Disease: Raising Awareness for Alzheimer’s By Sharing Narratives
Trisha Boonpongmanee: Mindfulness and Medical Patients
Arthur Yao: The Nature Conservancy Project
Acy Cai: Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica
Nafi Sall: How Proper Nutrition can Restore and Improve the Health of the Children of the Flint Water Crisis
Daniel Cui: Wilton Roots for Music
Elven Shum: Female Education: Cambodia
Melisa Gurkan: Small Projects Istanbul: Integration into Society
Soo Oh: Teaching Visual Art to Children at a School in Peru
Ryan Safiry: Be4Cause Morocco
Adrian Yao: PEACH – Promoting Education, Arts, and Community Harvest
Nadia Jo: Hiphop Research: Promoting Cultural Competency at Deerfield, Boston, and Online
Samara Cummings: TEAK Fellowship Peer Advisory Program: Support for Striving Students
Mina Liang: Girls State – Leadership Conference
Will Song: Drone and Robotics Education in Nepal