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Roots of Music: Final Thoughts

Daniel Cui – September 5, 2018

With my two weeks with Roots of Music working with the elementary and middle school students at an end, I can definitely say that I’ve had an extremely eye-opening experience while teaching the kids music. Despite the fact that there have been plenty of challenges with trying to get the students focused on the music and understand how to read notes for example, the students were able to learn a lot about music and how to express it. For instance, a parent of one child came up to the counselors in disbelief that her daughter had been able to read the notes on her sheet music without anyone telling her during the second week’s final performance. Another student showed marked improvement in her second performance in terms of her rhythmic accuracy from her first one.

While the kids’ progress has been critical to their own success and will form the foundations for potential future musical endeavors, it was very heartwarming for the counselors and I as well to watch them grow and develop within the span of only two weeks! The goal of Roots of Music ever since it was founded has been primarily to inspire the next generation of young musicians in an age when technology has reigned supreme over society, potentially leading to shorter attention spans and less creativity despite the plethora of other benefits that it brings. Therefore, as a group we felt that we had been contributing in small but meaningful ways in not only furthering the spread of musical performance and interpretation, but also keeping young minds bright and healthy while the world is changing more rapidly than ever.

On top of continuing to teach the elementary and middle school kids, a bake sale was also held in the Wilton town center during our second week to continue attracting more attention in order to continue our mission and vision. With these newly added funds and interested individuals, we hope that Roots of Music will continue to survive in the years to come and potentially grow into something bigger than it currently is.

After the past two years with the summer camp, I’ll sadly be dropping the reins. Nevertheless, I am still confident that the younger counselors will be able to further the non-profit’s legacy of spreading a love for music. While giving back to my community through Roots of Music, I’ve also continued to learn more about myself after gaining substantial experience in problem solving difficult situations. Like any science or math question, there’s rarely a single “straightforward” solution to a seemingly easy problem. In different circumstances, something that appears uncomplicated from one perspective may actually be very sophisticated from another. Similarly, while the basics of playing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star seemed rather undemanding, each of my students had different issues in certain areas that impelled me to help them learn their pieces in different ways.

Overall, I’m extremely thankful for the experiences and opportunities I’ve had with Roots of Music. I also thank the CSGC for supporting my endeavors and allowing me to bolster the organization’s development.