Student News

Children of Peru: A Final Goodbye

Soo Hyun Oh – August 27, 2018

My journey in Peru came to an end after nine exciting days at the local elementary school in Andahuaylillas. Ever since the first day, I was privileged enough to meet and teach every student. During my first week, with the help of the Spanish volunteers, I was able to teach multiple classes at the same time. We taught up to sixty students at the same time! With my lesson plan and their translations, the classes went by really smoothly. Unfortunately, the volunteers were only with us for a week. The second week was much tougher, as the language barrier made it hard for us to communicate with the children. However, I taught in much smaller groups (as I did last year), so it was easier managing the children and individually helping them with difficult steps.
For the lessons, we were able to utilize all the materials I bought with the grant. I lead the bracelet making, drawing, magic model, pop-up cards, and coloring lessons while my brother lead the origami lessons.
The last day was the hardest day, not because the teacher was absent, but because it was the last class I would teach in Peru. Assigned with teaching the third graders, I remembered how much they enjoyed drawing and coloring, so that is what I made my last lesson.
My family and I met with the teachers before we left. Saying our final goodbyes, we reminisced every lesson we taught together. After receiving my certificate and taking a picture, we finally stepped out of the small office of the school for the last time. Walking towards the gate, I watched as the kids crowded around my family and me, reaching up for one last hug. “Gracias, adios!” the children said, following us up until the gate. Smiling and waving, we watched the small faces of the children disappear behind the doors.
Overall, my experience teaching in Peru was eye opening and exhilarating. Not only was I able to surpass the language barrier, but I was also given the privilege of teaching many young, bright students.
Thanks to the CSGC, I was given an opportunity to make unforgettable memories while making a change in the world. My two weeks with the children may have come to an end, but my artistic journey to make a change will definitely continue.