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China #23: Caves and Noodles

Paulina Baltazar – July 2, 2018

Francis Shea ’20 shares a visit to the Mogao caves in Dunhuang; the groups last stop before heading to Shanghai.

I started my 25th day in China by talking with my parents and enjoying a breakfast on the rooftop of our hotel. By 8:20 am I had checked out of our room and got into our bus to travel to our final destination in Dunhuang, the Mogao caves.

These caves were artificially constructed into the cliff slide and inside them were beautiful clay structures of famous Buddhas and Gobi desert scenery. Sadly, there was a strict no picture rule so I can not show you any pictures, but statues and painting withstood centuries and flash photography could damage the colors.

After going in and out of many of these extravagant caves we got back on the bus and went to lunch. There we learned how to stretch noodles to make them thin and long. When I tried, I managed to rip every single noodle but I had fun attempting it. However, we did not have much time because we had to get to our flight to Xiyan. We had been to the Xiyan airport before so we were familiar with the layout which came in handy because our flight was delayed three hours. After a long day we made it to Shanghai and I’m excited to spend my remaining days here.