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United Kingdom #5: “Home: A Poem”

Paulina Baltazar – June 15, 2018

Lucy Blake ’19 shares a reflective poem of a newly found home.

Home: A Poem

The trip leaders call the morning “a late start”
But our eyes are still blinking and scrunched
Minds still painted with dreams of yesterday’s street art

A quick tube ride to Westminster
And we restart with a wash
Watercolors and rain drops cascade on our pages
Sketching exteriors has become the norm for us

We run faster than our jet lag to beat it to the punch
Grab tea cakes from a convenience store to tide us over till lunch
Miss our boat to Richmond but recover taking the train
Wink at passing strangers on the platform as our car pulls away

We get out of the city and find a quiet place
Stroll in separate groups and explore a new space
Each yard has a small garden showing effort and care
Glance up to sketch strangers but try not to stare
Buildings and bridges find their way onto our pages
Waterways are home to waterfowl of all ages

On the boat ride back I call London “home”
I’m surprised at how quickly one can call a city their own
We can’t help but fall in love with the double decker buses on every street
And the mixed pallet of languages people speak
It’s easy to call a place “home” when you make the most of it
Though our eyes are tired by the end of each day, we have learned to embrace every moment of it