Student News

Dominican Republic #7: A Fulfilling Day

Paulina Baltazar – June 8, 2018

Annabel Gerber ’20, Cameron Garner ’19, and Nolan Zusi ’19 share the groups activities on their last day at the work site.

We arrived this morning, ready for our last day on the work site, with Maslow’s Hierarchy in mind. Today our focus was self-actualization, the achievement of fulfilling your full potential. We spent most of our day painting the house blue and sanding the walls.

For lunch, we went to a nearby park and went swimming in a pool with several kids from the community. Tonight, we returned to a completed house and a happy family for the key ceremony. Each member of the team handed over a key for the new house to the family. Jose, Mrs. Hutchinson, and a few members of the team said a few words to wish the family well. They welcomed us with a stew, followed by a night of dancing.

We began to see self-actualization manifest itself in the contentedness of the community members. Although complete self-actualization is unachievable, we felt that the hard work we put in this week to build the house was definitely something to be proud of.