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Deerfield Idol Singing and Dancing Competition

Mingqian Li – April 5, 2018

Perform at the 1st Deerfield Idol Singing and Dancing Competition! Right now we have more prizes than participants, so come sign up if you want the following prizes:

Winner: $50 Amazon Gift Card + 1 Cereal Feed for your entire dorm
Runner-up: $20 Greer Store Gift Card
3rd – 5th place: To encourage more participants, Event Main Organizer Irvin Li will personally fund one of any beverage at the Greer for each participant in the 3rd to 5th place team. (this prize is optional)
Everyone else: A fun Friday evening and a “Good Job!”.

Sign-up here.

If you are unable to perform yourself, make sure you come and watch the event or convince your dormmates to perform!

Directly contact me via email at if you want to sign up for stage crew. (You will be compensated with a drink from the Greer as well.)