Student News

Jordan #2: Settling in at King’s Academy

Heather Brown – March 11, 2018

Queen Alia International Airport, near Amman, comes into view outside our windows, and we are nearing the final destination of our journey east to Jordan.  We arrive just before 4 p.m. Jordanian time, after an uneventful flight, and gathered ourselves at the Passport Control desks.  After some time there, presenting our passports and our Jordan Passes, we went to find our luggage, and stepped into a King’s Academy bus waiting for us just outside the terminal.  25 minutes later, we arrived at King’s Academy.

11 students and 1 teacher were there waiting for us, waving the traditional red keffiyehs (scarves), and greeting us as we stepped off the bus. 



We quickly unloaded the luggage, and Deerfield Academy students were connected with their host student and went off to find their room.  A short time later, we gathered at the dining hall, shared a meal, and then had some final conversations with students and teachers from King’s Academy.  

Alone with Ms. Samar, Mr. Jan, and the 11 students, it was 8 p.m. now, and we headed over to the King’s Academy Spiritual Center for some conversation before we concluded our day.  We shared in conversations about Deerfield Academy and King’s Academy expectations, about what the morning would look like, and then on to other topics.  Students shared some personal reflections, we engaged in a brief discussion about Islam, and then looked ahead to what the days in front of us will bring.

Students are now in their dorm rooms, and we are slated to meet at 8 a.m. at the dining hall, before they head off to attend 2 classes with their host student.  

Afterwards, we are planning to visit sites in Amman and Madaba tomorrow, returning to King’s Academy in the afternoon to watch a girls soccer game and engage in some dance and music activities.

The trip has started well!

Jan Flaska