Student News

GreenWheels Scooters

Brigid Stoll – March 27, 2018

The Green Wheels Project was conceived as my Student Council Project through the Fall Term and will commence today! We’ve placed twenty Razor A4 Scooters at popular locations throughout campus for use by all students, faculty and staff.

A few guidelines…

1. Please only borrow the Green Wheels Scooters marked with green and white checkerboard tape on the shaft and handlebar labeled with a number and name of a former Head of School.

2. Please park the scooters on the bike racks outside of buildings.

3. Please return scooters to the main campus after venturing to remote areas like Richardsons, Williams Sugar House or lower fields.

4. Please respect the honor code in the sharing of communal property to support all of our cross-campus transportation needs.

5. Please report any problems, comments, or repairs to

Thank you again to the Student Life Office and Arthur Yao for their support of my project! Enjoy!