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Clothing Drive for Local Detox & Rehabilitation Center

Fatima Rashid – February 5, 2018

When someone inflicted with the disease of addiction seeks help at the local Detox and Rehabilitation Center in Greenfield, more often than not they enter and leave with clothes that have been destroyed due to dangerous drug residue. The Deerfield Substance Abuse Awareness Group (DSAAG) wants to change this story….

DSAAG is leading a clothing drive for the local center and wants the entire community to be involved as well!

The center is in need of gently used sweatpants, sweatshirts and t-shirts for both genders and in various sizes. They are also in need of new packages of socks and underwear.
These small donations will make an incredible impact for people in recovery and will contribute to the successful recoveries of individuals all over Franklin County.

Please take the time to donate by February 14th!!