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Spiritual Life at Deerfield Academy 2017-2018

Jan Flaska – September 6, 2017

“The great treasure that interreligious dialogue among the world religions could unlock is to enable people to get to know and love other religions and the people who practice them. The attitude of exclusivity that has characterized religions from their beginning must be laid to rest. God is too big to be contained in one religion.” (Thomas Keating, of Contemplative Outreach; Deerfield Academy Class of 1940)

Students and Community Members: Please know that you matter and your ideas and curiosities have worth. If anyone has questions pertaining to spiritual life at Deerfield Academy, please contact any of the following individuals, and we can assist.
Programs offered during the school year: Transportation to religious observances/services; confirmation classes; speakers of faith visiting campus; attendance at seminars or events; etc. If you have any additional requests, please contact one of us.

Thank you.

Mim Pomerantz ( – Deerfield Academy Student Spiritual Council
Fernanda Ponce ( – Deerfield Academy Student Spiritual Council
Fatima Rashid ( – Deerfield Academy Student Spiritual Council
Kishor Bharadwaj ( – Deerfield Academy Student Spiritual Council
Marjorie Young ( – Director of Inclusion and Student Life
Jan Flaska ( – Dean of Spiritual and Ethical Life