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Powering the Future One Girl at a Time: Summer Grant Update

Angkeow, Julia – September 5, 2017

My service project, “Powering the Future One Girl at a Time” concluded with an extended workshop program for the girls in the youth-mentoring program hosted by my partner organization, LASOS.

The workshop was centered around The House on Mango Street and encompassed three major themes: overcoming gender stereotypes, developing self-identity, and building self-esteem and self-confidence. The girls participated in round table discussions, shared personal anecdotes and stories, wrote reflections, and engaged in hands-on activities.

One particular meeting, the girls discussed gender stereotypes and expectations. The girls initially listed female and male gender stereotypes, then provided examples from their personal lives or from popular culture to either refute or support their opinions. One girl excitedly referred to Grey’s Anatomy and her own desire to be a doctor in response to the stereotype that women are mostly nurses while men are physicians.

I have also had the opportunity to extend “Powering the Future One Girl at a Time” to Anna’s House, a Catholic charity also based in my hometown that provides temporary housing for homeless women and children (both girls and boys). The children, aged five to eight, and I shared a book about Wonder Woman that encompassed girl empowerment themes.

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This service project enabled me to closely bond with the girls, further develop my leadership and organizational skills, and pay it forward to my local community. I was also able to involve other volunteers as well as friends from various parts of my life on this project, including my best friend of ten years.

Many thanks to Deerfield, the CSGC, and the Cost family!