Student News

Guidelines for Cheerleader Tryouts on Thursday

Amie Creagh – September 10, 2017

All, please note the guidelines we have in place for cheerleader tryouts on Thursday evening.  They’re in place to ensure that the stage and auditorium are not damaged.  Students will not be permitted onto the stage if they are in violation of these rules.  Please speak with Ms. Barbato or a member of the Student Life Office if you have questions.

Thank you.

1.)  no paint, including body paint 

2.) no open flames, including candles. Battery operated LED ‘candles’ are OK.

3.) no food or beverage on stage or in audience seating area. Food in the lobby is OK.

4.) no hockey stick use or banging on the stage’s dance floor surface. An obvious 8′ X 16′ protected area – specifically for tryouts – will be in place at the center of the stage.

5.) No confetti or glitter