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Fall Play Auditions!

Robinson, Adaire – September 7, 2017

The Fall Play this year is “You Can’t Take it With You,” by Moss Hart and George Kaufman.

Set during the Great Depression, “You Can’t Take It With You” is one of the most popular and successful plays of modern times. At the center of the play is the Vanderhof family, a collection of eccentric and cheerful non-conforming incompetents. When Alice Vanderhof falls in love with her boss, Tony Kirby, who is the epitome of normality and success, things begin to go awry.

There will be two informational meetings about the Theatre Program and the Fall Play, held in the Acting Lab:
Thursday, Sept 7th @ 3:45 till 4:45pm
Friday, Sept 8th @ 4:15 till 5:15pm
In the Acting Lab

There will also be two “Open House” sessions to help students find audition monologues and to answer questions:
Saturday, Sept 9th @10am till 11am in the Acting Lab
Monday, Sep 11th @ 3:45 till 4:45pm in the Acting Lab.

Auditions Are:
Tuesday, Sept 12 @ 3:30 till 5:30pm in the Acting Lab
Wednesday, Sept 13 @ 1:30 – 4:30pm in the Acting Lab

Sign up for an audition time on the bulletin board outside the Acting Lab!

Audition requirements:
One-Minute Monologue, memorized, any genre