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Save The Children Advocacy Summit Update: Day 2!

David Miller – April 12, 2016

During the second day of the Save The Children Advocacy Summit, we heard from many authorities on the issues of maternal and newborn child survival and early childhood education. Patti Solis Doyle, and Kevin Madden, who worked for Hillary Clinton’s and Mitt Romney’s presidential campaigns respectively, gave us an analysis of the upcoming presidential election and how it could affect legislation concerning these two issues. We also heard from Colorado state senator Michael Johnston, a pioneer in the field of education, and Gayle Smith, the administrator at USAID, an organization that has made tremendous strides in helping provide healthcare to mothers and children abroad.

Today, we focused on learning more about the specific pieces of legislation, the Social Impact Partnership Act, and the Reach Every Mother and Child Act, that we will be talking about tomorrow on Capitol Hill. We are looking forward to applying what we have learned over the past two days as we meet with legislators from Massachusetts about these issues!

— Kishor Bharadwaj ’19 and Ethan Thayumanavan ’17