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Historic Deerfield is hosting “Free Fun Friday” this Friday

jfunk – August 12, 2015

On Friday, August 14, 2015 Historic Deerfield is hosting an event called Free Fun Friday.

Free Fun Friday is a program supported by the Highland Street Foundation that provides free access to museum visitors for whom cost may be a barrier. 70 cultural institutions across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts are invited to participate. The program is seven years old – Friday, August 14, 2015 is the second time that Historic Deerfield will participate. Visitation to Free Fun Friday events is typically very large. Historic Deerfield is planning for 800 to 1,000 visitors.

Visitor parking will be available in lots along Old Main Street, at Historic Deerfield properties, Deerfield Academy, and the Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association. Street parking is expected on the north end of Old Main Street. The Deerfield Police and Fire Departments have been notified, and there will be three police officers on The Street throughout the day. Staff and volunteers for the event will be parking off-street in designated Historic Deerfield areas.

Visitor activity is centered around Historic Deerfield’s many historic houses. Special demonstrations and activities are also featured. Thanks to the Bement School, shuttle buses will provide on-street transportation for visitors. The event map provides additional information about the activities scheduled for the day.

Deerfield businesses, attractions, and restaurants may see increased traffic on this day.

Historic Deerfield staff will be onsite in various locations throughout the village during the Free Fun Friday program.

If you have questions about the event please call 413-775-7214.

Philip Zea