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The Fire This Time: Educational Resources

Maria Mercedes Taylor – January 26, 2015

“The Fire this Time” exhibit will run January 11th – February 27th, 2015 in the Von Auersperg Art Gallery.

An exhibit curated by practicing artist and art professor Angel Abreu, Deerfield class of 1992, “The Fire This Time” is a collection of works by primarily contemporary artists and gives us a unique opportunity to view the work of nationally and internationally renowned artists who use art to raise consciousness and promote social change.

Chloe So ‘15 and Shaun Wang’15 interview Angel Abreu ’02

Chloe So ‘15 and Shaun Wang’15 reveal the mystery that surrounded the art exhibit “The Fire This Time” is in a thoughtful interview with artist and curator Angel Abreu’92. (Video)

Tim Rollins: K.O.S.

Tim Rollins shares the story of when he met Angel Abreu’92, as a public Junior High art teacher in the South Bronx, and what lead him to create the collaborative art group K.O.S. (Audio)

Tim Rollins: Invisible Man

Tim Rollins engages with us in a thoughtful conversation about  the piece “IM” and the powerful content of this work. (Audio)

Jesse Krimes

Jesse Krimes discusses “Elizabeth” and “Barack,” which are the first two pieces that he made when he entered the prison system.  Jesse elaborates on the process of how making artwork served to transcend him from the hostile environment he was surrounded by. (Audio)

Angel Abreu ’92: On “Pinocchio”

Angel Abreu ’92 shares his and his own son’s thoughts on the work “Pinocchio” by Tim Rollins and K.O.S (Audio and video)

Nelson Ricardo Savinon

Nelson Ricardo Savinon describes a unique moment in time when he talks about “Election Day”;  a photograph that he took from a cab during the 2008 Election. (Audio and video)