Student News

Sharing Holiday Traditions

Patricia Kelly – November 17, 2014

Now that the holiday season is approaching, the Special Events group of the Inclusion Team wants to share with you an interesting fact. Do you know that in the month of December more than 28 different holidays are celebrated around the world, apart from Christmas and Chanukah?

This year, we want the holiday season to be inclusive and representative of the diverse cultures and traditions that coexist in Deerfield Academy. We invite you to share with the community those special festivities or customs you treasure. We encourage you to bring back from home an object, a picture or some relevant information about the December traditions that you cherish.

The Inclusion Team will gather the elements the week after Thanksgiving. We will put together an exhibit that will celebrate our collective religious, cultural, and family traditions.

You may contact Ms. Kelly or drop off your element at the library.