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Final Student Reflections: Dominican Republic 7

Christina Kopp – June 14, 2014

On the final day, each student reflected on what the week meant to them, how they were impacted by the experience, and what they will take away from their time in the DR.

 Phil: The group/community will always be stronger than the individual.

 Kaitlyn: The aspect of the trip that affected me the most was the friendliness and kindness of everyone in the community. Their ability to work hard and give up part of their lives and time without expecting anything in return is something they were able to really teach us and we will hopefully continue at home.

 Mark: My experience with Cambiando Vidas has shown me the strength of a unified community and its deserving ability to better the lives of a family.

 Max: We built a dream, built a home, and embraced the community. Thank you to the group for a wonderful week.

 Maddie: Although the main idea of this trip was to build a house, another purpose was to connect with the community. There was a huge language barrier but that didn’t stop the kids from interacting with us. In particular, a seven year old girl and I communicated purely through smiling.

 Jackson: The ability of a community to open its arms to a bunch of foreign kids and accept them into their family was truly amazing.

 Mikaela: A memorable part of the trip for me was seeing how much the kids have changed. At first, they were so shy, so it was really special to see how much they opened up to us and trusted us in the end.

 Trevor: The race of the concrete was a great experience. It made me better understand that who you are with is more important than where you are. The sense of community we witnessed was outstanding.

 Hunter: This week, despite a bit of a language barrier, I connected with so many amazing people and it was a blast. I will never forget the smiles of those families in the community who had so little, but loved life so much. I hope to be able to connect with the Cambiando Vidas team in the near future.

 Kate: I could only hope this experience impacted this family as much as it impacted me. A more memorable moment that connected me so much to this community was the willingness of the Dominican children to open their hearts and welcome us into their family. I will never forget the impression the DR has left on my heart.

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