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Dominican Republic #4: Work and Play

Christina Kopp – June 11, 2014

Mark DesLauriers ’16 and Kaitlyn Fitzsimmons ’16 report on the progress of the house and enjoy the fun that comes with mixing work with play:¬†

The third day on site seemed promising when we arrived at 8:00 am to blocks that actually started to resemble a house. The masons were already hard at work when we joined in. With two days of hard labor resting heavily on our shoulders, it was a relatively slow start but we quickly got back into the motions.

Photo Credit: Sheryl Cabral

Photo Credit: Sheryl Cabral

Luckily by mid-morning our hard work was rewarded with a scenic drive transporting wood to another construction site. We traveled through vibrant green cow pastures and rice fields backdropped by beautiful mountains looming in the distance. The island country truly is beautiful! Afterwards we participated in a little friendly competition to finish pouring concrete on the roof, which ended, debatably, in a draw.

Removing Nails with Help from New Friends Photo Credit: Sheryl Cabral

Photo Credit: Sheryl Cabral


Each year, members of the group signs their names to the rafters that will go in the new house.  Photo Credit: Sheryl Cabral

Everyone who works on the house signs a rafter. This year’s group had the chance to visit a house built by the 2012 cohort and see the names of old friends.
Photo Credit: Sheryl Cabral

This strategy forced us to work at a quick and efficient pace and before we knew it we were back on the bus headed for the local pool to cool off. We were treated with pizza and an abnormally green but incredibly refreshing swim where we continued team bonding with an intense game of water basketball. Another surprise awaited us at dinner when we celebrated Hunter’s fake birthday, an ongoing joke started by Jose. With full stomachs aching from laughter, we ended the night with an insightful and stunning tour of San Juan with Jose as our tour guide. We arrived back at the hotel exhausted yet satisfied to be one step closer to completing our goal.

 РKaitlyn and Mark


The House after Day 3 Photo Credit: Sheryl Cabral

The House after Day 3
Photo Credit: Sheryl Cabral