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Unscheduled Moments: Colombia 4

Christina Kopp – June 20, 2014

Bri’ana Odom ’15 celebrates the unscheduled moments of the trip:

Scavenger Hutn with Briana Kofi Day 2 Colombia

Although we have only completed the second day of our trip, Day Two was jam packed with challenges that forced us to call upon our prior knowledge, as well as discover new ways of thinking. Different parts of Day Two all came together to create a collective experience for us all. At the same time, as I reflect on today’s activities, one day in Colombia feels like it could be three or maybe even four days in the United States! Today we learned about Colombian history, visited a paleontological research site, and conversed (in Spanish of course!) with locals around la Villa de Leyva in order to answer some questions for a scavenger hunt.

Serena and Lucy digging at Paleontological Day 2 Colombia

Despite all of the scheduled activities — I memorized the start times for each of them at breakfast before we left to start our Day Two adventures– I think that the things that I will remember most from this day weren’t scheduled to happen. They never could be. I will always remember that on this day I woke up and took the elevator down to the lobby of the Holiday Inn only to find that the employees were not in their normal attire. Instead they all sported Colombian “fútbol” jerseys in support of their team making it to their second game of the World Cup. 

Ileana and Colombian jersey Day 2 Colombia

As we traveled we saw the streets filled with Colombian flags and jerseys. Even dogs were wearing hats in support of the Colombian soccer team! We were able to listen to the cheering of thousands of fans in the stadium in Brazil over the radio, and we even joined in and erupted in applause when we heard “GOAL!” being yelled by the announcer. We laughed and conversed with Colombian students our age who we are traveling with, and they taught us about their music as we described what a typical Deerfield dance is like. We realized that although the words of our favorite songs may be sung in different languages, we all like to dance to them just the same.

Group outside Restaruant Day 2 Colombia

And so from this point on, for the duration of the trip and beyond, I think that I am going to learn to look for those unscheduled moments — those things that cannot be found on the itinerary. Although I have only been here for two days, about eight American days back home, I have already learned more than I thought I would. I can’t wait to experience more of what Colombia has to offer!