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An Entire Trip in One Day: Colombia 2

Christina Kopp – June 20, 2014

Ileana Glyptis ’16 marvels at the many adventures that one day of travel can hold:

On our first day in Colombia, I experienced things I’ve never experienced before. This one day in Bogotá felt like an entire trip with all of its landmarks. 


After walking all around the downtown area of this city and visiting two museums, our group went Monserrate, the highest peak in the city. Aside from Bogotá being 8,000 feet above sea level, we took a funicular up another 1,000 feet to the peak. The ride up takes about five minutes, so the ride up on the funicular was a steep one.

 When going up the ride, everyone was buzzing with excitement. All of us were waiting to see the incredible view of the city of Bogotá and take some beautiful photos. Once we arrived, we walked all the way up to the peak where a cathedral stood, looking over the city. The view was breathtaking. On one side, the city was bustling below us, while on the other, hills covered with trees went as far as the eye could see. Just our luck, since it had been drizzling the entire day: a rainbow was visible and ended in the hills. It was a view I was lucky to see, and I can’t wait to explore more of the beauties of Colombia.

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