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Popular Culture: China 4

Christina Kopp – June 14, 2014

Allie Roberts ’16 discusses film, food, and pop songs:

Today, we began the day by going to a film museum. We learned a lot about Chinese popular culture from the imperial age to the present, all through the lens of cinematography. It was fascinating to learn about some of China’s most famous actors and actresses and their relationship with the revolutionary times that have characterized China and its people over the past century. 

Photo Credit: Allie Roberts

Next, we went back to school for our daily Chinese class. To complement our study of Chinese language and culture, we learned how to make dumplings or 饺子 in traditional Chinese fashion.  We jammed out to some of China’s latest and greatest hit tracks as we assembled the delicious meal. We promptly took the dumplings to the school’s dining hall and steamed them for dinner. All of our experiences today seem to have added to our understanding of Chinese culture.

Kento steaming dumplings China

Photo Credits: Allie Roberts