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Think 80|20 During Dorm Moveouts

brian fry contributing writer – May 23, 2014

With the end of the school year–and dorm moveout–almost here, please help us with our campus efforts to recycle and reuse our waste, keeping it out of the landfill. 


We host a massive community tag sale in late June in our hockey rink, where we try to put as much of the discarded items to productive reuse as possible. Unopened food and cosmetics go to local community shelters.

There are cardboard boxes in dorms (usually in lobbies or common rooms) to collect the following tag sale items:

  • Clothing/shoes – Clothes need not be wearable – even stained or damaged clothing can be recycled for carpeting and such. Shoes need to be serviceable.
  • Books/office supplies. (Books may also be taken to book buy-back at the library on Thursday May 29)  – this includes ring binders
  • Food – unopened
  • Cosmetics/personal hygiene – unopened
  • Laundry supplies – it’s OK if they are opened. Leave in the laundry room, and they will get used by housekeeping over the summer.

Bulky Items for Tag Sale

* Bulky items like furniture/rugs, working electronics/appliances, and athletic equipment need to be neatly stored for removal by physical plant staff. Where to best store the bulky tag sale items will vary by dorm, but generally, they should be either neatly piled in common rooms/lobbies, or neatly stacked in student rooms. If you see a housekeeper or faculty resident, please ask them for advice.

  • Furniture/rugs
  • Working electronics/appliances/lamps
  • Athletic equipment


In every dormitory, you will find the following bins for recycling:

  • Electronics – PLEASE don’t throw these away – they’re particularly hazardous in landfills, and full of valuable raw materials. Anything that had a cord, battery, or was an accessory in something with a cord or battery is considered electronic waste. Please attach a note to it that says “working” or “broken.” If it is broken, place it in/near the small black “electronics recycling” bins in dorms. If it is working, we’ll take it to the community tag sale, so please place it with other large items for the tag sale – exact location will vary by dorm, so ask faculty residents, e-proctors, or housekeepers.
  • Paper and cardboard –  These bins can take office paper, spiral notebooks, colored paper, staples – pretty much everything “paper.” There are additional bins outside dorms for collecting overflow cardboard (green plastic rolling totes).
  • Containers – these are for plastic, glass, metal, bottles and cans, milk cartons, yogurt containers, etc.
  • Plastic bags –  (look for tall white plastic boxes) – these can take dry cleaning bags, bubble wrap, and plastic shopping bags
  • Styrofoam – white hard foam only, no peanuts or food-y stuff
  • Metal hangers – look for a metal rack

For more details, consult the “End of year recycling details” (also in dorms)

If you don’t know where something should go, please ask–your faculty resident or another student.

Thank you for helping us “Think 80/20”!